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Fiberglasss spray-up painter


Our client is pioneer in composites and lightweight construction technology. Their products are used by marine, rail and road transportation as well as applications of technology and building industries. Work shop in located in North-Carelia, Finland. Now we are looking for fiberglass spray up painter. We insist appliers have at least 1 year experience fro similar job. Your tasks include preparing molds for lay-up, material indification, use of core material (different kind of foams, insulation materials etc), handling general bonding pastes, understanding lay-up drawings.

Contract is fixed term for 6months and there is goos chance to continue after this. VPS will organize apartment. Apartments are lightly furnished and tenants pay rent 200-250EUR/month. Client has about 100 employees. If you speak English or Finnish it is advance but not required. Salary based on experience. Person who has more to learn starts with smaller salary (basic salary from 12-15EUR/h gross).

VPS Henkilöstöpalvelu Ky is one of the oldest recruitment agency in Finland. We are part of VPS Group that has highest AAA- financial rading. More info about our Company www.vps.fi .

We have 8 offices in Finland and 2 abroad in Estonia (Tallinn) and Hungary .

Hakuaika päättyy: 26.11.2017

Sanna Rinkinen, sanna.rinkinen@vps.fi,Puh. 017-2828248

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