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When there is a job to be done

Are you looking for an employee or are you in need of personnel services?

VPS Group offers services in temporary staffing, recruiting permanent employees, outsourcing and suitability assessments. Through us you will find skilled and dependable employees, whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent staff.

Job applicants

When there is a skilled employee looking for a job

Are you looking for a job or have you considered changing occupations?

There are several employers in need of your professional skills. Temporary and permanent positions are waiting for a responsible employee - it could be you! VPS Group offers work possibilities suited for your life situation from part-time work to permanent positions. 


When you want to choose your own work hours

Are you interested in temporary contracts or are you aiming for a permanent position?

Temporary staffing is flexible: as our employee you can influence the kind of work you do, when you do it and how much you do. Permanent positions are not the right fit for everyone, especially when life situations change. We offer positions that can last between a couple of hours, months and even years. You can make the choices. 

VPS Group at Your service

VPS Group is a Finnish chain of companies established in 1987 offering personnel services nationally. Whether you are searching for temporary employees, recruitment services, outsourcing or suitability assessments, we are here to give individual and reliable help with our long-term experience in personnel services.

Are you looking for skilled employees? Are you a skilled employee?

Quality, reliability, experience in a wide range of fields and the professional skills of our personnel in urgent assignments are our trademarks. We will find you a suitable solution even for demanding needs, whether you are looking for skilled specialists to work for your company or for a job suitable for you.

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Our services

VPS Group is committed to quality and customer service. We provide flexible personnel solutions for most fields of work.

Temporary staffing

Temporary staffing is an easy and flexible way of finding a skilled and suitable employee.

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Recruiting new talent is time-consuming and uses the internal resources of your company.

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We will take care of the functions of your company that you want to outsource.

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Suitability assessment

Suitability assessments are used to find out what kind of work tasks are suitable for an applicant, the talents of the applicant and how the applicant can develop further.

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