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When you want to choose your own work hours

Are you interested in temporary contracts or are you aiming for a permanent position?

Temporary staffing is flexible: as our employee you can influence the kind of work you do, when you do it and how much you do. Permanent positions are not the right fit for everyone, especially when life situations change or other things influence your life. Through us you will also have an excellent chance of getting a permanent position. Several of our employees have been employed by our client companies when they were asked to fill permanent positions.

We at VPS Group offer both temporary and permanent positions. In addition to full-time work we also offer short-term work. Our clientele includes clients that have been with us for decades, so we are able to offer workers for example the possibility of working in different fields according to the seasons.

We are a member of The Private Employment Agencies Association HPL. We always abide by the law and collective agreements. We pay our employees on time and we also take care of our employees' safety and rights in our client companies.