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When there is a skilled employee looking for a job

Are you looking for a job or have you considered changing occupations?

There are several employers in need of your professional skills. VPS Group offers work possibilities suited for your life situation. Temporary and permanent positions are waiting for a responsible employee - it could be you!

When you want to choose your work hours yourself

Temporary staffing is an increasingly common way to find a job. Temporary staffing is very flexible: you can pick the position and choose your own work hours. Permanent positions are not always a good match for everybody, especially if your life situation has changed. In temporary staffing the positions can last from a couple of hours to months or even several years. You will also have the possibility of getting a permanent position in the company after your temporary work is done.

Temporary employees are hired through us, so we take care of all the statutory obligations of the employer. In addition, we offer competetive means of earning and reliable employer’s services. You will also be able to flexibly change work tasks between projects.

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