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When there is a job to be done

Are you looking for an employee or are you in need of personnel services?

VPS Group offers services in temporary staffing, recruiting permanent employees, outsourcing and suitability assessments. Through us you will find skilled and dependable employees, whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent staff. We have interviewed and profiled each of our applicants so that we will be able to find the right person from our records effectively. Let us choose the best for you!

VPS Group provides employment for thousands of employees every year. Most fields of work are covered in our nationwide chain of enterprises. We also have offices in Tallinn and Budapest, so we can help with employing foreign staff into Finland or project-based staff abroad.

We provide companies with comprehensive services. Our knowledge of different fields of work is extensive and that is why we are able to find applicants for multiple fields of work. VPS Group is committed to quality and customer service. Our aim is to always be able to bring together the client’s wishes and expectations with an applicant’s professional skills.

Why should you choose VPS Group as your partner?

  • We have a nationwide chain of enterprises in many fields of work
  • We also have international offices
  • We have experience in different fields of work in Finland and abroad
  • Our experience in workforce services is extensive and long-standing
  • We provide our clients with comprehensive services
  • We guarantee quality services
  • Our network of professionals and skilled employees is efficient
  • Our quality and reliability has been acknowledged

Are you interested? Could we be of help to you? Please contact us and request an offer.

Fields of work

We provide applicants for example in the following fields of work:

  • Office and ICT-positions
  • Expert positions in financial administration
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Shops
  • Industry
  • Warehouses and logistics
  • Metalwork
  • Construction
  • Expert positions in technology